Family Owned and Operated Since 1989


Airline Auto Parts was established in 1989 by Randy Nguyen and his 2 brothers. They were immigrants from Vietnam and came here to pursue the American Dream. For many years they worked at dead end jobs. They finally decided to band together and open an auto repair shop which they named Tesco. They soon saw great potential in used auto parts after buying salvaged vehicles to fix others that were repairable. A few years later they made a decision to buy a 10 acre lot at 10616 Airline Dr. full of mobile homes and an old bar up near the road. After clearing the land and renovating the old bar to an office, they were opened for business. Although Randy's brothers eventually moved on and got into other industries, Randy has successfully kept Airline's door open for business the last 24 years. 




In 1996, Randy's eldest son Peter joined the team fresh out of University of Houston with 3 degrees. At the time, Airline was mainly a retail walk-in business. He took many ideas learned in college and implemented them along with all the new industry tools into the business. He set high goals and successfully achieved them. After a few years of putting his heart and soul into the business, Peter was able to retire his father and took the company into a new direction. Airline is presently a major supplier of recycled automotive parts to most of the major insurance companies and body-shops around the Houston area,  and is now recognized locally as an industry leading facility.